Residents enjoy free summer concerts in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee

Quality of Life

Every community claims to have the best quality of life, but Outside magazine said it best when it named Chattanooga "Best Town Ever"–twice.

“Chattanooga is “A Top 10 Place to live big, play hard, and work (if you must).”

           – 2011 & 2015 Best Town Ever, Outside magazine

At the center of the region, Chattanooga is a playground for the arts, downtown urban living and a diverse culture that offers residents a unique menu of events, cuisine and entertainment options. But Chattanooga is just the beginning.

From one-stoplight towns to the Carpet Capital of the World, communities in the region all share a love of adventure, whether it means rafting world-class rapids, antiquing along Highway 127, camping in the mountains, or hunting for the ultimate barbecue joint. And because traveling to most places within the region only takes an hour, it does not matter whether "home" is a downtown apartment or a 60-acre homestead—anyone is just minutes away from a new (or old) experience.

There is something for everyone when it comes to recreation. Locals enjoy numerous outdoor festivals and music events throughout the year, including several free concerts as part of a summer music series. The Greater Chattanooga Region also offers exciting dining options, from gourmet restaurants using locally-sourced and artisan ingredients, to cafes and diners serving up down-home cooking. With a vibrant agricultural history, the region supports a number of local farmers’ markets and produce stands. This emphasis on the harvest translates into myriad festivals, including the Cleveland Apple Festival, The Tennessee Strawberry Festival, and the National Cornbread Festival.


The Greater Chattanooga Region offers an unbeatable quality of life for the employees of expanding and relocating businesses. From urban living to county life, our community offers award-winning outdoor recreation, dining and housing – all with a low cost of living.


The region also offers a plethora of shopping options, from small boutiques and shops to the largest mall in Tennessee. In addition, the Greater Chattanooga Region is also home to several history and art museums, community theaters, and the oldest community arts organization in Georgia.

For sport enthusiasts, the region boasts minor league baseball team the Lookouts, as well as the Chattanooga Football Club, whose games set attendance records year after year. In addition, beautiful Lake Chickamauga in Dayton, Tennessee hosts dozens of bass fishing tournaments each year, including the ESPN-televised BassFest.

While the region certainly has no shortage of things to enjoy, this is most true when it comes to the outdoors. The Greater Chattanooga Region is considered an outdoor Mecca riddled with hiking and biking trails, streams and rivers, and scenic vistas.

On the Ocoee River in Polk County, Tennessee thrill-seekers can try world-class rapids, including a course used in the 1996 Summer Olympics. In Chattanooga, rock climbers enjoy the best sandstone crags in the nation, as well as High Point Climbing, one of the largest indoor rock climbing facilities in the country. Cavers love exploring the more than 1,800 caves in Jackson County, Alabama, while other outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy 77,000 acres of public land available for hunting and sports activities.


Bursting with opportunities for outdoor adventure; here an active lifestyle meshes with a healthy economy and high quality of life. 


In neighboring DeKalb County, Desoto State Park is one of the most visited state parks in Alabama and provides cabins, campgrounds, hiking trails, fishing, restaurants, and other recreational activities. Just down the road, Little River Canyon National Preserve consists of approximately 16,000 acres and provides camping, hiking, and thousands of acres of hunting land for quail, deer, turkey, and other small game.

All these adventures come with a low cost of living. According to the ACCRA Cost of Living Index, the Chattanooga MSA, Cleveland MSA, and Dalton MSA consistently rank below the national average for living costs, with average single-family home prices around $155,000. All these factors combine to create an attractive live/work/play experience for residents and one of the most engaging lifestyles found anywhere in the nation.

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