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Taxes + Incentives

The Greater Chattanooga Region offers an incredibly business-friendly atmosphere at remarkably low costs. The region has one of the nation’s lowest per capita tax burdens, low sales and income tax rates and no state property tax.

To receive a customized incentive package for your project, please contact Lindsay Hiatt at lhiatt@greaterchatt.com.

Walkable retail options in downtown Chattanooga
Shampoo bottle production at the Chattem Chemical Plant in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Tax Credits

Incentive programs for business expansion and job creation are available throughout our region in the form of infrastructure development grants, training grants and reduced land costs.

Many lucrative business tax credits are available to relocating and expanding companies, including:

  • Jobs tax credits to reduce corporate tax liability
  • Reduced utility taxes
  • No property taxes on inventoried finished goods
  • No property taxes on government-required pollution control equipment
  • No or reduced property taxes on goods-in-process
  • Reduced sales and use taxes for industrial machinery and equipment

Utility credits are also available throughout the region to qualifying power customers.

Local Incentives

Our region does not take a “one size fits all” approach and evaluates and changes its local incentive offerings often to meet the needs of business in the current economic environment. As such, individual counties throughout the region offer property tax abatements that allow qualified businesses to substantially reduce their local property taxes for new investments in real and personal property.

When offering local incentives to qualified projects, the Greater Chattanooga Economic Partnership evaluates the following inputs:

  • New investments in real and personal property
  • Net new jobs created
  • Average wages
  • Industry type
  • Specific location in the region


An under-construction industrial site in the Chattanooga region