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An Exclusive Spotlight: Navigating the Economic Rhythms with Hoop Junky

About the Business: Embracing Movement and Expression

Interviewee: Jaimie Hayes, Owner, Hoop Junky

Tell us a little about your business and what made you open your business?
Hoop Junky crafts high-quality, customized hula hoops that transcend age and background, bringing joy worldwide. Founded in 2014, it was the alchemy of passion, dedication, and tenacity that turned a college hobby into a flourishing business. For Hoop Junky, hooping isn’t just a product, it’s an inspiration for a healthier, active lifestyle, encouraging creativity and self-expression.

Why is this region a good place to plant your business?
With its entrepreneurial vibrancy, Chattanooga offers an optimal blend of fitness, arts, and culture. Its geographical advantage makes it a linchpin for supplies, market expansion, and international shipping. Its ethos resonates well with eco-conscious and socially responsible endeavors, making it a fertile ground for businesses like Hoop Junky.

Can you share any key partnerships or collaborations contributing to your success in this region?
Partnerships have been pivotal. Collaborations with entities like The Chattery, Flow Arts Institute, The Chattanooga Workspace, and more, exemplify the harmony of shared values. At Hoop Junky, partnerships are not just for business, they are a commitment to the community.

What are your future goals for growth and what advice would you give to other small businesses in Chattanooga?
The future vision is twofold: fortifying local connections and establishing an inclusive space, particularly for the arts. The essence of Chattanooga lies in its community spirit. For businesses, it’s crucial to engage, collaborate, and immerse in local initiatives, ensuring mutual growth.

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