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Araceli Carrasco Discusses Sesé Industrial’s Impact on Chattanooga’s Automotive Sector

In this exclusive interview, Araceli Carrasco of Sesé Industrial Services shares detailed insights into the company’s strategic operations and the advanced capabilities of its Chattanooga facility. Highlighting Sesé’s pivotal role in the automotive industry, particularly in electric vehicle production, Carrasco elucidates how the company’s initiatives are boosting the economic landscape of the Greater Chattanooga region.

Araceli Carrasco of Sesé Industrial


Greater Chattanooga Economic Partnership (GCEP): “Araceli, could you provide us with an overview of Sesé Industrial Services’ division? We’re interested in learning about your primary operations, your history in the region, and the principal products and services you offer.”

Araceli Carrasco: “Sesé has a long history in the automotive industry that has positioned us as a tier one partner to some of the world’s leading manufacturers to the point of becoming an extension of their production and manufacturing processes.

In regard to the Sesé Industrial Services division, we carry out the full assembly of various components and parts of vehicles at our 8 production centers in the USA, Mexico, Germany, and Spain. Of those 8, the plant located in Chattanooga is the newest and most advanced in terms of innovation, technology, and Industry 4.0. It has 28,000 sq meters, coordinates more than 100 suppliers worldwide, and manages more than 360 subcomponents.”

GCEP: “What growth trajectory has Sesé Industrial followed in recent years, and do you have any expansion plans on the horizon that align with the economic objectives of the Greater Chattanooga area?”

Araceli Carrasco: “Sesé started its industrial services activities for the automotive industry 15 years ago. Today we have 8 production centers around the world where we assemble different modules for vehicles including: front and rear axles, front-end corner module, wheel fenders, cockpit and the center console, among others. We are now consolidating our activities and adapting our facilities to accompany the OEM’s in the transformation to electric vehicles. We are steadfastly working in every one of our processes to achieve excellence and to become the perfect partner for our clients.”

GCEP: “Could you discuss the specific benefits the Greater Chattanooga region offers to automotive manufacturers like Sesé Industrial, and how have these influenced your operational decisions here?”

Araceli Carrasco: “Tennessee has built its reputation as a global leader in the automotive industry and is at the forefront of the electric vehicle evolution. Additionally, local organizations have greatly helped and supported us in our efforts in Chattanooga.”

GCEP: “Aside from fostering job growth and economic development, how does Sesé Industrial engage with and contribute to the cultural and community fabric of the Greater Chattanooga area?”

Araceli Carrasco: “This past October, Sesé and Volkswagen organized a weekend soccer camp with 40 participants, including children and some parents employed at the Sesé plant in Chattanooga. All participants had the opportunity to train with professional coaches from VFL Wolfsburg, a soccer team who plays in the top division of German soccer. The training camp collaborated with local club, Chattanooga FC, with their own coaches and the support of the Operation Get Active organization.”

GCEP: “Environmental sustainability is increasingly pivotal in manufacturing. Could you highlight any green practices or sustainability initiatives that Sesé Industrial has embraced or plans to implement?”

Araceli Carrasco: “Sustainability is a key pillar for our company and informs every process and operation of the supply chain. In the industrial division, we prioritize technology and digitalization in service of our sustainability initiatives. These measures would include: the use of geothermal energy; photovoltaic panels for self-supply; lithium-ion/electric forklift trucks; recirculated water in cooling processes and injection equipment; recycled and recyclable raw materials or returnable containers. These are some of the measures we have taken in the pursuit of sustainability.”

GCEP: “How is Sesé Industrial employing technology and innovation to enhance its manufacturing processes, product quality, and competitive edge in the global automotive market?”

Araceli Carrasco: “Innovation and continuous improvement is part of the company’s DNA. We apply process automation; lean manufacturing; data server virtualization; end-to-end digitization; and AI applied to processes to improve every aspect of the manufacturing process. Here in Chattanooga, across our 4 production lines in we employ 16 collaborative automated robots that interact with 56 Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs)”

GCEP: “Considering the complexities of global supply chains, especially for automotive manufacturers, how does Sesé Industrial optimize its supply chain for efficiency, reliability, and sustainability?”

Araceli Carrasco: “Our purpose as a company is to transform the supply chain of the future, and for that, we work diligently to maximize efficiency via continuous improvement and applying the most advanced technology and digitization tools for each phase of the supply chain. Because we are deeply rooted into the automotive industry and electric vehicle transformation, it is crucial to understand the specific needs of the OEMs and ensure we provide the most efficient solutions for the electric future we are all facing.”

GCEP: “What are Sesé Industrial’s aspirations for its role in the automotive sector and the economic growth of the Greater Chattanooga region, particularly regarding any forthcoming projects or investments?”

Araceli Carrasco: “Our project in Chattanooga is currently in the consolidation process, but this only further guarantees the company’s presence in North America by the side of our clients.”

Interview by Marcherie Jamene Savage