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Behind the Wheel: Exploring Tranco Logistics’ Impact on Regional Development and Innovation

Meet the visionaries behind Tranco Logistics: twin brothers Bruce and Byron Trantham. In this compelling interview, we delve into how their leadership since Tranco’s inception in 1995 has transformed the company into a global logistics powerhouse, headquartered right here in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Greater Chattanooga Economic Partnership (GCEP): “Tell us a little bit about Tranco, what you all do, where you’re located, and how long you’ve been there?

Headquartered in Chattanooga, Tranco was established in 1995 by twin brothers Bruce and Byron Trantham. Tranco is a full-service global logistics provider, offering seamless logistics solutions for both domestic and international needs. At Tranco, our mission is to invest in our team so that we can deliver unparalleled supply chain excellence to our partners.

(GCEP): “Can you talk about some of the plant’s growth and expansion over the years?”

Our journey started with two brothers, one truck, and a 2,000 square foot warehouse. Now, Tranco has grown to over 300 employees, 500 trucks & trailers, and 1.5 million square feet of warehouse space. We’ve extended our reach by launching six more U.S. locations (Atlanta, Alexandria, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Seattle) and establishing an international office in London as well.  Our goal is to keep expanding, with plans for future offices in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York.

(GCEP): “What do you feel makes our region a desirable location for companies to relocate or expand here?”

Every year, we hire people that move here because they resonate with the unique culture of our city. Word has gotten out that this is a stronghold for innovation and commerce, and as long-time believers in Chattanooga, we couldn’t be happier. With unbeatable internet speeds, an expanding airport, and a growing population, Chattanooga is an ideal location for businesses to invest in.

Bruce and Byron Trantham
Bruce and Byron Trantham – Tranco Logistics

(GCEP): “I know hiring is at the top of minds for companies right now, and recruiting and retaining talent is also important. Tell us a little bit about your experience with hiring and retaining talent in the region.”

This city has cemented its place as a central hub within the logistics sector, and there’s a wealth of industry knowledge right at our doorstep. As a result, we’ve built a strong team that enables us to effectively serve our customers worldwide. We do not take that success for granted, and we strive to create an environment where our staff are supported in their roles. By placing the right leaders in key positions, we have been able to make Tranco a place where team members contribute, innovate, and thrive.

(GCEP): “Do you utilize any county or state programs to help you train and upskill employees?” If so, which ones? If not, do you offer inhouse training programs to help your employees upskill? If so, can you name some of them and how they’ve been successful thus far?

Coachability is one of our core values. We believe it’s a trait that can be found in effective leaders, no matter what their level of experience is.  As such, Tranco has developed the Tranco Apprenticeship Program, or TAP for short, to provide education to our front-line employees and their supervisors. It has allowed us to arm our employees with the knowledge they need to be successful at any level of our organization.


(GCEP): “How does your plant’s proximity to market help recruit and retain employees here?”

Geographically, Chattanooga is an excellent location to provide U.S. distribution services. The city is located within a 24-hour drive of half of the U.S. population. This has attracted many key industry players from across the country to a city where people can work, live and play. By headquartering here, we can easily manage our industry network and recruit talented individuals to the Tranco team.

a highway in Tennessee

(GCEP): “With sustainability being at the forefronts of many minds, is Tranco Logistics considering any new sustainable efforts, or are there already any efforts established that you might think are worthy of mention?”

Through the Tranco Cares initiative, the company is committed to aiding sustainability efforts in our community, such as reducing our environmental impact, supporting non-profits, and promoting the well-being of the city we call home. Tranco also prioritizes sustainability in our day-to-day operations. In fact, we have nearly completed the process of a total LED lighting conversion throughout all of our warehouses and office spaces, in an effort to increase energy efficiency and reduce waste.


(GCEP): “Can you discuss the economic impact your company has had on the local and state economy, including any contributions to job creation and tax revenues?”

The growth we’ve experienced has allowed us to hire over 300 employees, who buy goods, services, and real estate in Chattanooga. Not only that, but our partnerships in the region create massive ripple effects throughout the local and state economy. Over the nearly 30 years we’ve been in operation, we have connected a tremendous number of businesses to their consumers through supply chain networks. Those networks have linked to us countless transactions and investments across any number of industries. This drives job growth and investment not only in our own company, but in our partners’ companies as well.


(GCEP): “How does your company engage with the local community, and are there any specific initiatives or partnerships you’re proud of that help improve the region culturally or economically?”

The mission of our Tranco Cares initiative is to improve health, education and sustainability through the rehabilitation and growth of the Chattanooga community. Through Tranco Cares, we host and sponsor charitable events while partnering with local organizations who share our vision for Chattanooga. Our most recent Tranco Cares Golf Invitational brought together community members to raise $15,000 for Marty’s Center, a local organization that provides educational aid to hearing and learning impaired children. We are tremendously proud of the work we have done and we are always looking to the future for new ways to do meaningful work in our city.

(GCEP): “Looking towards the future, what innovative technologies or practices is your company investing in to stay competitive in the automotive industry? Additionally, how do you see these innovations impacting the local economy?”

Whether it’s shipment visibility or purchase order management, the delivery of information is as important to Tranco customers as the actual physical delivery of the goods.  Through the iTranco suite of technology services, we are constantly developing tools that meet our customer’s needs. It allows our partners to track their goods through each step of the shipping process, knowing that their freight is in safe hands. Innovations like this build trust in our relationships with our clients, allowing us to secure more business as a result.


Interview by Marcherie Jamene Savage