Lighting the Way: A Chattanooga Entrepreneur’s Journey of Filling Market Gaps and Community Building

From Passion to Progress: The Economic Triumph of Forget Me Not Candle in Chattanooga

Interviewee: Morgan Dale, founder of Forget Me Not Candle

Introduction: In an exclusive email interview, we delved into the inspiring story of the founder of Forget Me Not Candle. A tale of entrepreneurship shaped by love, vision, and Chattanooga’s nurturing community.

Q: Tell us a little about your business and what made you open your business?

A: I started Forget Me Not Candle as a single mother on a mission (and a budget) to provide a bright future for my son. When I noticed a white space in the market, I combined my love for modern design with my desire to create – and voilà, Forget Me Not Candle was founded in August 2019.

Q: Why is this region a good place to plant your business?

A: I was drawn to Chattanooga on a personal level for its beautiful scenery and myriad outdoorsy options, ensuring active lifestyles for my son and myself. Beyond its natural allure, Chattanooga presented itself as a hub for thriving community spirit, particularly in its staunch support for small businesses. This ecosystem naturally beckoned Forget Me Not Candle to root itself here.

Q: Can you share any key partnerships or collaborations that have contributed to your success in this region?

A: Indeed, collaboration has been at the heart of our journey. We’ve formed invaluable partnerships with local businesses that have been instrumental to our growth. Their consistent support has not only provided a daily morale boost but has also fortified our ambition to further weave ourselves into the fabric of this community. Additionally, our presence in Chattanooga Market events has given us a priceless opportunity: a direct connection with our cherished customers.

Q: What are your future goals for growth and What advice would you give to other small businesses looking to succeed in the Chattanooga area?

A: Our eyes are set on expanding Forget Me Not Candle to a national audience and establishing ourselves as a trusted clean fragrance brand. For those burgeoning entrepreneurs in Chattanooga, my advice would be to deeply engage with the community, seek collaborations, and remain attuned to the region’s unique demands and offerings.